The Company

Having long felt the urge to launch his own vision of a distinctive clothing line Nikolaj Nielsen, an industry veteran with a vast background in denim, founded Won hundred with the ambition to challenge the way fashion was grasped in native Denmark.

Won Hundred is a brand with a collection rooted in classical mens wear and traditional formal wear and a willingness to take risks.

The team behind Won hundred works proactively with the mantras; passion, awareness, reaction & fascination in all senses from early stage sketches to final production. The entrepreneurial approach to the Inspiration is, whether conceptual or by sudden impulse, primarily found within different movements in music, cinema and art and serves as a foundation for the sustained mission; to define a modern style for the multifaceted and enthusiastic individuals.

Design Philosophy

Appreciation for simplicity and understated design.

A search for refined and clean lines tranforms a classic wardrobe into a modern history. Inspired by heritage gentlemen style and cultural influences from art, nature, music and people makes the minimalistic designs to have an old soul.
A sharp eye for detailing and a love for fine qualities add to the heritage feeling off a strong and clean collection.

"We have a dream of creating clothes that enforces the personality of the person who wears it, as opposed to dictating an invented indentity. We want the personality of the user to transcend through Won Hundred's designs. This way every piece becomes unique."


- 2004
Won Hundred is established in Copenhagen/ Denmark.
- 2005
First jersey collection is launched.
- 2006
First designer - and jeans collection launched.
- 2007
Jeans breakthrough, 30.000 pairs of one style sold.
- 2008
Won Hundred has their first two shows.
- 2009
First WH100 Collection launched.
- 2010
Won Hundred opens the first shop in Copenhagen/ Denmark.
- 2012
Won Hundred opens shop in Aarhus/ Denmark.